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... move with the light - be faster!

This slogan is the incentive for a unique product idea. Light impulses activate the play instinct
which can be found in everyone of us and inspire us for movement. The fun factor is also
playing a decisive role. In the duel game twall® animates to develop the competition spirit.
When you play alone and battle the footrace against the time, it helps you to outrange your
own record performance. Due to these features twall® is a great event module.

twall 64 mobil

A successful event is characterized by adventure feeling, interactivity and a special
presentation.  Due to its high grade of challenge and its great attention factor twall®
is the perfect eye-catcher for your event. It arouses interest, makes curious,  invites to
join the game and is therefore the best  instrument to display messages and slogangs
as well as product information and promotion activities. 

The conventional entertainment value of twall® and its possible field of application
warrant a high regard for every event. Different light shades, the use of multiple
coloures and the combination of light impuses with arbitrary mp3-sounds create
an interesting and noticeable branding opportunity.

twall® offers a varied programme and is not limited to any target groups. No matter
if children or elder people, sporty or not, healthy or with any physical impairments  -
the principe of this game appeals to everyone. On company events, on a holiday ship,
in a TV show or any other diverse activities - everywhere twall® can be used as a great
element of animation and performance and entail a lot of variety and fun.

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